David de Limón - SOLO SHOW - 1th of March to 8th of April 2019

Wall painting, graffiti, street art since 1998, Tag: "LIMÓN" / "DAVID DE LIMÓN" Illustration. Digital illustration. The work that I develop within Street art currently consists of repeatedly expressing the illustration of a masked character that interacts with the environment where it is embodied. The style of said illustration is "cartoon" simplified and synthesized to give more priority to the chromatic contrasts to the character itself. The somewhat dehumanized looking character has been specially designed with some features that make it easy to adapt to any space. The imaginary of this character is composed of elements of graffiti or Street art. The theme of my interventions is to capture situations where the characters create a new space full of color. The intervention itself is an example of the purpose of it. Area of the attachments.

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