"TALKING HEADS" - Solo Show by David Shillinglaw


Friday 12th of April 2019 - 20:00 - Until 20th of May 2019

"Our heads and faces are a currency. We reveal and conceal our identity to ourselves and each other as selfies, passport photos, criminal mug shots and profile pictures. The face is a flag for a population of one. My obsession with drawing faces has developed over years, reducing and abstracting the simple shapes and lines of the face into a floating motif, attempting to capture the essence of a human face, a mask, a form that speaks of the universal. The portraits are the people of planet earth. the old man asleep at the bus stop, the woman with the birth mark on her face, the teenager with fake eyebrows, the crack head, the celebrity with plastic lips… the list goes on of traits and states and ways of revealing and concealing our identity. The heads are created like frankenstein monsters, torn, glued and stitched in place until They start to wake up. The faces are not men or woman, old or young, They are twisted avatars, reflections of passing strangers. They are surreal versions of emojis describing the unsettled, restless and displaced." David Shillinglaw.